Diploma framing instructions using archival tape.

Our frames feature a quick-open back that allows you, within 30 seconds or less and without utilizing any tools, to readily insert your own document in the frame, while permitting its easy removal should the need arise in the future. You will receive complete, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions along with your frame.  Should you have any questions concerning this process, please call customer service at 800-561-6510 (M-F, 9:00 – 5:00).

Preparing Your Document

If your document has been stored flat, proceed to the next section below. 
If your document has been rolled up in a tube, flatten the document as soon as possible after receiving it. For best results, we suggest placing the document on a clean, flat surface and applying weight (books should work well) to the unrolled document for a few days. 

Framing Your Document

  1. 1. In preparation for framing your document, please have ready: a ruler, glass cleaner, paper towels or a soft cloth, and a towel or soft blanket.
  2. 2. Lay the frame face down on the towel or blanket, and undo the frame back, by rotating the black turn clips away from the frame moulding. Remove the frame back, paper sheet, strip of archival tape and mat, but do not remove the glass inside of the frame.

  1. 3. With the mat and diploma facing up, align the TOP of the document with the TOP edge of the mat (i.e. the edge directly opposite from the edge embossed with the crest or logo). Hold the mat up and visually center the document inside of the opening. Then, place the mat and document face down. If necessary, use a ruler to center the document.
  2. 4. Peel off the backing from the supplied framing tape strip and overlap it along both the TOP of the back side of the document and the adjoining mat. Apply firm but gentle pressure to the framing tape for proper adhesion.
    Note: The document will hang from the TOP and should NOT be taped at the bottom or on the sides, in order to provide room for the natural expansion of the paper and to help prevent buckling.

    Second three

  1. 5. If required, wipe the glass with a soft, clean cloth using glass cleaner as necessary, ensuring that the glass surface is completely dry after cleaning. Remove any specks of dust or debris.
  2. 6. Gently place the mat and document face down on the glass. Place the backing board behind the document with the black side facing up.

  1. 7. Hold the backing against the glass and flip the frame up to quickly inspect and ensure that document has been properly matted, and that there is no debris visible. Otherwise, adjust as required.
  2. 8. Lay the frame face down and secure the back by rotating the black turn clips until they are firmly under the frame moulding.

  1. 9. Hang the frame either vertically or horizontally (as appropriate) on the wall by inserting the pre-positioned frame hook, screw or nail into the eyelet built in to the appropriate turn clip attached to the back of the frame.

Proudly display your framed document!!