About our Affiliate Program

We are pleased to affiliate our company with leading University and College campus bookstores, alumni associations, professional associations, and accreditation organizations. If your institution or association is interested in diploma, certificate, photo frames or gifts customized and enhanced with your institution's logo, we would be happy to assist.

Customized product selection

By offering high-quality frames incorporating your insignia, we hope to best represent and enhance your organization's image, while providing your institution with a valuable revenue source, if desired.

To assist us in sample preparation, please provide us with an electronic (Illustrator or EPS) black-and-white copy of your logo or insignia, and we will create and email to you electronic images of your proposed frame designs.  This Virtual Sample feature allows you to see your design options prior to making your final selection.

We would also be pleased to produce for your consideration, at no cost or obligation, an actual sample of the selected product . In order to prepare the sample, please provide us with a good quality, electronic (Illustrator or EPS), black & white copy artwork of your institution's name and logo, the Pantone (PMS) number of your official color(s), and a voided diploma to ensure we make the correct sized window opening in the mat. It is our commitment and pleasure to return the voided diploma in the sample.

Sales and Marketing

We also offer you important choices about how much control you want over the marketing and sale of your customized frames. You have the flexibility to decide whether you want to manage every aspect of your sales and marketing program, or whether you prefer to have us support you in areas such as web-marketing or direct fulfillment.

Marketing and merchandising options can include:

  1. an on-the-spot frame service at the time of graduation, during diploma pick-up and at homecoming festivities
  2. an e-mail blast to new graduates as well as Alumni
  3. Bookstore retail sales

If your graduates receive their diploma at graduation, we highly recommend for you set up an on-the-spot framing service at graduation. If diplomas are not distributed at graduation, we would still recommend a sales kiosk be set up where the diploma frames may be sold so that the students may frame their diploma upon receipt.

We would be pleased to supply at no charge:

  1. a few extra diploma frame samples for placement in display cases around campus to help with student awareness of the program; and
  2. our generic alumni framing service posters and / or banners for your use.

Additional information may be requested by completing our New Affiliate Inquiry Form or by calling 800-561-6510 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST).